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Affordable, Reliable & Trustworthy


We are your legal partner. Supporting you and your business at every stage of the contract and legal documentation process.

A Focus on SME's & Start-ups


Do you own an SME or are you a new start-up? We know what it is like to have numerous contracts and legal documentation each month that you need a legal eye to look over and advise on. Our Legal Experts make contracts comfortable, clear, and easy. We give you confidence in your business dealings and absolute peace of mind. 

Law firms & Your External In-House Legal Counsel


We will serve as your general counsel team, and provide extra support during the busy times, or when your in-house lawyers are away on leave. We will take the necessary steps to obtain the Corporate Memory of your business, ensuring that as and when legal documents or contracts come through the door, you can send them to us and ensure reliable and fast turnaround.



It is our mission to take the stress out of contracts and negotiations. We do this by ensuring that all aspects of the process clear and simple for our clients. 

Whether you are needing review of day in and day out contracts, or looking to draft a partnership agreement, we are here to support, guide and protect you. 


We are a boutique organisation in the heart of Dubai, with happy clients scattered all over the world, who trust us and come back to us again and again. 

Our Founding Partner is a highly experienced lawyer who specialises in all matters relating to contracts and negotiations.

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